About Me

My name is Sean Atkinson, I am quite an easier going gamer that enjoys learning more about the game industry as well as upcoming releases. when I’m not working or completing college work I’m either completing games or attempting to improve my drawing skills.

I enjoy a myriad of franchises and genres with everything from first-person shooters like Titanfall 2 and Overwatch to turn-based tactical games like Fire Emblem. my favourite game is Resident Evil 4 for what it did to the franchise mixing survival horror with action flawlessly which they struggle to reproduce even to this day.

I spend my free time playing on my PS4 with my friends with games like Borderlands 2, Overwatch, Titanfall 2 and Rocket League or on my PC with games like Left 4 Dead 2, G-mod and Team Fortress 2.

Career Development-

  • Bad personal statements:

To whom ever it might concern


Hello, My name is XXXX. I am from XXXX and currently in my senior year. I am XXXX years old and study in a Secondary school. In the past i have never really given much interest in my future, i did not care about what would happen but instead what is happening in my life right now. Unfortunatly i was blinded by the temptations of life at least for the better 16 years of my life. But then one day i realised to be succsesfull means that i need to work hard set forth and make my ideas happen.


I considered myself to that of a pack of wolves , each wolf a characteristic of my own whether it was my past, present future or yet devided i was. There was no leader for the pack, but luckily this past summer i went to this program in oxford called the oxford tradition, that truley changed my life. I studied there Politics and economics and through that i learnt where my future lies. In an instant i knew that i can help people with what i could learn in the future, and it is the future that i must change for the better of course.


I have four other siblings, all of them study in english programs/school except me, i guess i was the odd one out. Yet that only strengthened my reslove to get better in english and exceed them and many other students whose native language is english. I have never really given up and my way of life is “If you fall down seven times , you stand up eight” it gives me a burning desire to succeed in anything i do.


Over all i think i would be a great asset to any community , school , college. i would excel and pass many students and prove first to myself and then to everyone esle that not only i can do it but never doubted myself in the beginning.

above is a bad personal statement that i found as a example so i can critique to show an understanding of what a personal statement should be laid out as well as the content that needs to be included so when it comes to creating my own personal statement it will be done correctly.

my personal statement

My passion for games started from an early age playing Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker on Gamecube and being fascinated by the design and art of the game. As I’ve progressed and learned more about the game industry my infatuation of joining the game industries has progressed along with myself. The game industry is so fascinating to me with so many people dedicated to a relatively new media, constantly pushing the boundaries of what the game industry can do. I’m experienced in using 3D software such as 3DS Max and the Adobe creative collection which includes Photoshop and Animate. I use these software’s to create a visual reputation of my art skills that explain my ideas. A game art course will further develop my portfolio till it’s at a standard of a professional game artist.

During my level 3 game design course at college I’ve learned how to use industry-standard software such as 3DS Max, unity and unreal which are all used by professionals in the games industry.  I am also efficient in creating pixel art within photoshop using photoshop to create assets and textures that I used within my projects. I have knowledge of the different stages of a games production starting with a concept and ending with post-production. I also understand how game company’s fund their games with Kickstarter commonly used for small development teams and publishers for Triple-A game studios.

Due to my job of working in a warehouse I have experience working with a team as such I know how to communicate with a variety of different people and the importance of teamwork. As well as working in a team for work I also contributed in a colour run where my team was raising money for Forget Me Not, this showed me the importance of supporting your teammates and helping where you can.

It is my hope that in the future that I’ll become a senior artist for a game company like Square Enix or Bethesda. I am great at time management and setting myself time frames to ensure that the work is completed for the deadlines.

University choices

Huddersfield University- Game Art

The reason that I have chosen this university as one of my options is that it has the course that I’m wanting to study as well as the fact that it’s close to where I live so I could get to uni each day without having to get accommodation. to get into the college I’m needing a UCAS point total of 128.

Wakefield University- game design

This university is one of my choices for similar reasons as the first option, that mainly being that I could study it while staying at home and the fact it’s doing the course that I am wanting to do. another reason that is a choice of mine, however, is due to the fact that I am currently studying at Wakefield as such I know the staff that will be teaching me as well as the software’s that we’d be using. the UCAS points needed to get into Wakefield college is 60 points.

Northhampton University- Game art

I chose this as one of my options as unlike the other two this course is actually a game art course rather than the other universities this university actually does a game art course rather than just a game design course. as game art is the aspect I’m wanting to focus on this may be a better option. the points needed to get into this university is

De Mont Fort University- Game art

Sheffield Hallam- Game art




Sean Atkinson’s CV


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