assigment one: weapon design

I have recently created an idea for an original weapon of my own design that will be used for my first assignment. after going to the royal armouries for my primary research and looking at more fantasy styled weapons on Pinterest for my secondary research I have an idea for my weapon. I will now create mindmaps, moodboards and concept art so it will help me get my desired final product.



above shows the mind map that I created while I was coming up with the ideas for what weapon I would design and what aspects it would have. as you can see above I had three main ideas on what kind of weapons I wanted with the ideas being a sword, a gauntlet or a scythe. as well as the idea for the weapon I also wanted to include some sort of runes so I add a category for runes. once I stated what I could to each of the weapons to make it unique I finally settled on creating a scythe as I believed it would be the weapon that I could be the most creative as it’s not as common as say a sword. I also want to design a gauntlet along with it as I like the idea of a scythe gaining power from another source and a gauntlet makes most the most sense to me.



now that I know what weapon I want to design I have a look through both my primary and secondary research and have a look what images have something to do with weapon idea and compile them into a moodboard, as you can see I’ve got different runes, different scythes a real-life gauntlet and even a transforming weapon as I stated in my mindmap that I would like to make a transforming weapon.

concept art:


now that I know that I want to design a scythe and somehow incorporate a gauntlet into it I have begun creating my concept art seeing what possible look I can give my weapon to make it look the most unique.  I created a possible blade that could be used for the scythe but after I created it I noticed that it resemble a demon wing so I redesigned it with half of the blade being a demon and the other half being an angel wing so I could use multiple different runes to make my weapon even more unique as I wanted it to be.  I researched different runes and wrote quotes I wanted to use in 3 different types of runes like an angelic alphabet, demonic alphabet, and real-life Nordic runes. as my weapon is half demon, half angel I decided to use angelic and demonic together as I believe it to be the best choice to combine both to show the harmony between demon and angel. I designed a gauntlet along with the scythe but once I drew the concept art for it I realized that I wouldn’t be able to create it in 3DS Max so I had to cut it out.


above is my first attempt of using different techniques to see which one works best at showing the idea I have for my final weapon. this technique is just pencils and colouring pencils as they are the most common used. although it works well it doesn’t have the right brightness or solid look that I want for my weapon.


the next attempt I choose to try was using paint which had more of the solid colours I wanted for my weapons especially for the wood, however, its not without its fault as I was unable to find a colour I could use for the angel blade and the demon blade isn’t as dark as I would like it. also, this is more to do with my own skill rather than the technique but I’m unable to paint within the lines ruining how it should look.


this design is my favorite and if it was my usual drawing I would choose this one however due to the fact that color plays a big part in my weapon design just using a fine liner and shading doesn’t work for the assignment.


this was the final technique I used and is the one I believe the one that best represents my vision of what I wanted my lesson to look like. the colour is almost exactly how I wanted it. I used a mixture of felt tips for the colouring and fine liner for the outline and details like the wood and the feathers on the angel blade as they are clearly visible whereas if I kept them details as pencil they would be harder to notice.

final design:final-design-e1513552912667.jpg

this is the final design I drew as you can see I used the felt tip and fine liner like I previously mentioned but I also add a few changes like brightening the colour of the demon wing to make it stand out more as well as changing the colour of the staff to oak to make it look like its really made from wood along with the lines as details. I believe I have done what I set out to do and developed a creative, original weapon from the compete of it being a half demon, half angel scythe, to its appearance, to its colour design I believe that I have created the best weapon I could possibly create at my current level.

3DS Max:weapon 1

once my final designed was done it was time to create the weapon I had previously designed on paper in 3DS Max. to start off my weapon I added a long thin cylinder and change the colour to a  silver as its going to be used as the metal handle in the middle of my weapon as everything else apart of the weapon will be built off that bar.

weapon 2

next, I added two more cylinders at the same width but at varying lengths and coloured them brown rather than silver as this will be the wood of the scythe.

weapon 3

to finish off the handle I added another part to the stick this time adding a bend to the bottom one to add stability to the design. I also add another silver cylinder to the top of the weapon but this time increasing the width ever so slightly as this will be what holds the blade to the stick.

weapon 4

now that the handle for the scythe is done I started the work on the blades with the angel wing being the first I free drew the outline using the lines object with my final piece as a reference before using the vertex and bezier corner to smooth it out making it look more like a scythe. once I got the correct shape I then added an editable poly to fill in the outline and then bevelled it to create the serrated edge that a scythe should have. then I mirrored the blade on the z-axis making it look like one connected blade and once that was done I was able to texture the blade by adding a scale image that I previously saved onto the blades.

weapon 5

for the next blade, i did the exact same process as for the angel wing as I drew the outline using my final piece as guidelines and used bezier corner to smooth it out and create the demonic wings styled look. then I mirrored it but as it doesn’t need any texture added I simply changed the colour to my desired dark blue.

weapon 6

the next part was quite tricky to figure out as I needed to add the bones part to make it look like its holding the weapon together as if it was a real wing that would be on animals like bats. however, I needed it to be on both sides so I used the same technique that I’ve used for the rest so far. first starting with the black drawing around blade using editable poly and bevel so I could make it wide enough to peer out both sides. next, I drew the bones as you can see above and beveled it just like the black part of the wings.

weapon 7

finally, I added a red box to use as the demonic part and three spheres, two black and one red using them to create the demon eye adding the final part of my weapon.


overall I’m glad with what I have produced for this assignment such as the research, the 3D model and especially the concept art. I believe I conducted my properly and well as I used both primary and secondary research with me using pictures that I have collected of the internet as my secondary research and the pics I took myself when we visited royal armories as my primary research. I used both of these research when creating my mood board and mindmaps.

my concept art is the part of the assignment I’m most happy with, it looks exactly how I wanted it to with even the detail being counted for. the look of the demon wing, the angel wing, the runes and even the staff I thought was perfect and exactly how I wanted it. when I first started the assignment I was going to do a hand scythe rather than a normal scythe with a normal blade but after drawing the blade and noticing it looked like a wing I decided to go for the design I used as my final piece, I further developed it using different runes and at one point was thinking of designing a gauntlet to go with it but I realised it didn’t make much sense and would take up time.

finally, the 3D model is my least favorite part of the assignment but i still believe I did it to the best of my ability. i had to do it a simple way by just using shapes like cylinders to create 80% of model making it look simple.

I was happy with my time management as I got all the manage to get everything done that I wanted to in the time I had and if I was to redo it all I would do is practice doing more 3D modeling so it can be as good as my other parts of the assignment.


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