3D Shooting Game

after I completed the 2d ufo game it was time that I created its 3d counterpart, the game is a space shooter styled game reminiscent of space invaders but in 3d rather than 2d. I was given the assets from moodle so once I saved the file onto my computer and then transferred all of the assets into unity so that I can begin creating and coding the 3d space shooter.

space shooter 0

above show the folders that I was given, when the files were added they were automatically arranged into 5 important folders with them being audio, materials, models, prefabs and textures. these are all needed to create the game as without them we wouldn’t have any sound, enemies, background or even playable character.

space shooter 2

what you see above is the sounds for the game that were held in the audio folder. each sound bit was specifically built to be used for a specific object like the sound of explosions, weapons being fired and even the background music that will be playing all the while you’re playing the game.

space shooter 3

the next folder is the materials folder filled with the effects that will be used to make the game look better and more realistic.



Now that I have finished coding the game I now need to start creating 3D assets for the game to make the game different than the rest of the classes. so after drawing an initial idea for a main character and a a obstacle that will need to be dodged or the main character will be destroyed.

I started of by creating a rectangle as his bottom left leg, I then made the rectangle an editable poly so that i could extrude and bevel on the bottom face of the of the leg into a foot and then used the lines of the rectangle to alter the shape and make it fit better with my initial idea before, moved upwards forming the rest of his left leg and half of this body and head. now instead of repeating the process and wasting time I simply mirrored the poly so it was the exact same on both sides making it look like one connected piece as it should do.

next was the arms as there both different I couldn’t do the mirroring technique that I used for the rest of the character. I started with the left side as that the easiest to do. I extruded and bevelled the shoulder and did the same as before to do the rest including using the lines to mould it.

i then started doing the right arm starting of similarly to the other arm, extruding and bevelling the shoulders. but the instead of doing an straight arm i had to do it at an angle as if he had his arm out holding a gun.




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