I have been approached by a producer from BBC history to create a game set in a time period of my choice as long as that time period takes place between 900 B.C. to 900 A.D. this is to get more people interested in history. I want to be able to create a unique looking game set in ancient Greece that teaches the player about historically accurate architecture and armor while also teaching them the mythology that greek believed in.

For this project, I have decided to create a survey as a research method so I can get a better idea of what other people would like from my game so I can alter it to appeal to the largest audience. As well as surveys I will also be creating mood boards and looking at websites so I can make the game look authentic and make it feel like its the real ancient Greece.

The main software’s I’ll be using is photoshop to create all the art and assets that will be used in the game and unity which is being used to build the actual game. I decided to use these software’s as they are the ones I’m the most familiar in so I can produce the best game I can.

To make sure that I am able to complete the game by the deadline I’m going to create a project plan so I know where I need to be and if I’m falling behind if so ill make sure to catch up in the areas I’ve missed and not fall behind on the rest of my work. there are other reasons that I have chosen these software, for example, its easier for me to tranfer my concept art from paper onto

Week 1: Proposal- Before I can start any other aspects of my game I will first need to write my proposal to make sure that my ideas are suitable for the company that hired me. ill do some basic research just so I can get an idea of each time period and make a decision of what my game will be based on. The reason I’m doing a proposal is so the people know exactly what to expect from my game and I don’t do all the works for the game and then find out they don’t like it and have to start from the begging.

Week 2: Research- Now that I have done my proposal I am able to start work on other aspects of my game. the first thing I want to do is the research so I can get an idea of what greek wore, their architect, mythology and other elements of their time period to create an authentic look for the game. To make sure I get the best possible research I can, I’m going to try many different techniques like Moodboards, surveys and websites as well as other to get as much research as I can and show the clients in a neat and organized order.

Week 3: Design and Concept art- before I start anything else I want to have a look through my research and add any elements I had missed previously. once that is done I can start designing the game and the elements that I will include the game.  I’ll also start some concept art for my main playable character including his armor, face, helmets and any other small details and once I have chosen what the main playable character can look like I can draw the final piece.  this is to give me an idea of how the rest of my game will look and if I don’t like the design I can alter the art without wasting much time and falling behind.

Week 4: Art- This week I will be drawing the levels and any other background elements so once that is done I can add all my final pieces from the concept art into photoshop to begin drawing around them and adding color and shading to make them look good enough to use in-game.

week 5: Coding- I’ll be doing coding this week so that all my assets will be ready to add into unity and ready to start coding but if I’m unable to complete the coding aspect or there still bugs in the game I have another week to fix and finish the game. to begin the week I will start with the movement script as that’s the most important part of the game because without it whenever the game is played the character would be unable to move making it impossible to play. once that is done I will begin creating the scene manager which will start and end the game.

week 6: Finishing- For the final week I won’t be focusing on any specific part of the assignment and instead of looking at the assignment as a whole and see what areas are lacking and add to them if need be so I can assure that my game is complete and not missing elements. whether that be one of my scripts that I have been unable to get to work in the week before, a design for one of my game assets that I believe can be improved or any other part of the game.



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