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This section of my blog is to show all the designs that I have created for my game including the mechanics that I will be incorporating into my gameplay, the art that will show how the game will look and will be used as an outline when creating my in-game assets and also the code that I will create a prototype of before creating my final code for the game.

Art and Assets:


Above is the initial design I created to see which style would best fit my game. as you can see I drew an outline of a head to basically use as a sort of mannequin so I could design the helmets around making them look more realistic. All three helmets are historically accurate to the time period that I have set my game in. Because of this, anyone of them can be used for my game so to narrow it down I showed it to my fellow students asking which one they thought would work best in the game. there was an almost even vote across the board with the middle having the slight advantage which I have to agree with as that one is based on the Spartan helmets which considered to be a stronger army than the traditional greek soldiers and they worshipped Zeus which work well with the backstory of my game. The other two would work as the helmets but the middle one has more advantages like the previously mentioned ones over the rest that’s why its the design I choose to use for my final design of the day.


I also did some designs on paper while waiting for other aspects of the game to finish building or saving. as I only needed basic simple designs to choose which one I would expand further paper was the better option for me as all I needed was paper and a pencil to rather than on pc where I would have to open a software like photoshop and use a drawing tablet which would waste time. out of the three designs, I believe the third to be the best for my character as he’s meant to be a fierce warrior and a bold man with a beard is considered to be tough and manlier than most other people.


I also did some designs for armor on paper while I was creating my unity project on the pc to save time. After doing some research on what armor the greeks would wear I design these three after similar armor that they would have worn in that time period. although the first one is the simplest one I’ve have decided to use that as the armour worn by my protagonist as that is the style of armour worn by the Spartans which the main playable character is a member of so it makes the most sense to use that as the armour so it matches my choice for the helmet as aswell.


After drawing them thumbnails and deciding what aspects and style I would use for the final design main character I was able to design my final concept art for him that will be used as a guideline. I drew the basic outline of the character to make sure I got the anatomy right before I went onto drawing the rest of him and then when the anatomy was right I photocopied a few copies so if I messed up the armour I wouldn’t ruin the anatomy.

conc-character complete

The image above is the final concept art I created and as you can see it includes elements of all my previous drawings, specifically the ones that I said I was using for my main character. I drew the armour over one of my photocopied images as previously mentioned in case of the drawing getting ruined. I also included a medusa’s head in one of his hands to show the player that he is brave and tough enough to beat a dangerous enemy making the fact that he’s running away from this situation shows just how dangerous the monsters are and how that there’s nothing a mortal can do against them.


Now that I have picked the final design for my main playable character and drew his final piece of concept art I can draw the character into photoshop using the concept art as a guideline. this art was my first attempt at using a more realistic style than the pixel art I would normally use. For my first attempt, I am happy with my results as I believe the character looks well and I like his color pallet. however, if I was to repeat the project again ill try and get the lines looking neater as it’s not a major problem but it could make the art more aesthetically pleasing.


These are the sprites that I had created to use as my animation for the main playable character movement. to make the process easier for myself I had drawn the different parts of his body on different layers so I can move and hide them rather than always having to redraw them for each new sprite of the animation. the animation is simplier than I was originally hoping it would be however, I found the process of creating animation for an art style I’ve never done before incredibly difficult so I made the decision to keep it a simple animation to stick to my project plan and not fall behind due to a small part of the project.

temple concept

Like I did for my main playable character, I drew concept art for my temple but as I was basing it on a real-life location I didn’t need to do doodles like I did with the armor and stuff like that as all I need to do was research the temple of Zeus and draw it just as it would look in real life. I even tried to add some details to the temple with that wave pattern to make it look more realistic.


After I added the concept art of my temple of Zeus into photoshop I used it as a template while creating the asset for it, this is the finished result. I used the bottom mountain part as a stencil as I wanted it to look rough almost like a real mountain but when it came to the temple I made sure to use straight lines to make it appear new and pristine as they would have been new and well maintained for the god they worshipped.


The image above is my final design of the temple of Zeus that will be used for the final screen of my game and for my title screen. I noticed that I had forgotten to add any color to the bush as you can see from the image before this one. apart from the bush, I have also slightly changed the darkness and lightness of the temple to add shading on it to make it appear more realistic.  I also included a sunset background by painting bright colors and then using the blur option to make it look like one sky. The reason that I choose to use a calming sunrise as the background is so that it contrasts with the final screen as this will be the first scene before the monsters attack and the final screen will be during the monsters attack so we can see the difference making the chaos stand out more.


I designed the houses and ruins around what they would have looked like back in ancient Greece where the game is set to make the game more historically accurate from the design and even the color of the house. I also took the sunset from the background of my temple and cIpied it into the levels to use as a background as i believe it works well for the game.



Above are the two monsters that I designed to use in the background of my game and are the whole reason for what you are doing in the game. I was hoping to create more interesting monsters from Greek mythology but due to time restraints I was unable to create anymore and have to do with the two I created. If I had a longer time period for the project I could have designed and drawn other famous Greek mythology like the Hydra, Griffin and other mythological creatures.



unity 2

Now that I have some assets to use in-game I can start building the actual game by using unity and the tools provided. I first need to create the unity project and name it the title of my game so it can be easily organized as well as create folders within the unity for all the different aspects of my game like the scripts, scenes, and animations.

unity 1

Cause I have already created the artwork that I am using for the title screen I can put it into unity and see how it would look in-game. I moved the game screen to the side so I can see how it looks in-game on the right while I alter it on the left. I started by adding the background temple in and altering it so it fits in the camera view then adding the character and repeating the same before finally adding the text in so I know where to place my buttons.


To save time I decided to recycle my code from my previous game and alter it to better fit this game. This means that I don’t have to spend as much time on coding and can put that time into other aspects of the game that I have not yet started or that needs a little extra adding too potentially gaining me extra marks.

unity 3For my game, I only need to have two scenes, one for the title screen and one for the actual level. to make up for the fact that I’ve only got one level I will make the level longer so that the game isn’t too short and customers will enjoy the experience.

game 1 the image you see above is a very early stage of my game as most of the codes are done and working it’s just the assets that need to be completed. I have however got enough basic assets to add to my game and test it all works, as you can see I’ve managed to add a box collider to my character and the house so he doesn’t just fall straight through it. While testing the box collider I also noticed that my movement script was working as intended meaning there’s not much more coding I have to do it’s mainly just adding assets in and adding box colliders.

scripts 2

I added the new assets into unity to make my game look better and then updated my movement script so that it will allow the animation I had created using photoshop to only play while moving and then when the player has stopped moving it will return to its idol pose. while I was testing the animation in-game I noticed that when I changed the direction I was moving the camera jumped and didn’t look right. this was because I had attached the main character to the player model causing that problem so I removed the main camera from my character model and created a camera script shown on the right to follow the character without it jumping. I then added it to my player model allowing it to work.

game 2

My game has been built including all the assets, codes and other aspects of the game. I added the assets into the unity project and was testing the game when I found a glitch that allowed the main playable character essentially fly which I know the cause of it. the script I created for the game allows the character to jump after a set amount of time, this is done so eachtime you jump you would usually be unable to do it again until your land but if you jump from a height you can repeatedly jump and fly across the game. although I know the cause of the problem I am still unable to fix the problem as I don’t know what to change in the script to fix it without getting rid of the jump altogether. I originally thought that I could change the time of each jump but that means that I cant jump instantly when I land making it look unrealistic. if I had more time I could research other codes and try to fix the problem but I am running out of time so I decided to leave the bug in and make a note for if I would ever return to the project.

If you would like to see my game in action I created a short youtube video that you can watch and see what the game has to offer

You can download and play my game here >

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