Reflection and Evaulation

this section of the blog is dedicated to the progression I.m making throughout the six weeks of the project. I will be listing the aspects I’ve done, what worked well, what went wrong and what I did to fix the problem.

Week 1:

I have started work on the project including starting and finishing the proposal for why I’m creating the game.

I also started some concept art so I can get an idea of how I want the game to look which is why I’ve started doing some research which includes looking at different time periods to see which would suit my game the best. After some research, I’ve gone with Ancient Greece as they have the best mythology for me to in my game.

thank to the research I have done and now knowing what era my game will be based in I have Started to create some lore for the game that I will carry on working on.

week 2:

one of the benefits of using creating a piece of concept art this early in the game development is I know how the rest of my assets will want to look and if I’m not pleased with how it looks I can change. however, they’re also disadvantages of doing concept art this early cause if I decide to alter the era of the game I would have wasted time designing art that wouldn’t match my game. after weighing up the good and the bad points of doing concept art this early I am glad that I had done it as the possible downsides ain’t that bad in my opinion as its unlikely for me to change the game era as that the one I find most interesting and that works best with the lore of my game.

week 3:

after speaking to my tutor about my game and him reviewing and giving me feedback on my game. as I’m still in the research stage of the project he mainly gave me advice on what elements I should be explaining and that I should start designing some of the elements of the game. after listening to his feedback and take it into consideration I have decided that I will continue my work on the research elements while focusing on the points that Chris suggested such as focusing on elements like theme, art style, and mechanics and think of the key design element while I do so when my research is completed I can move straight onto game design with the research to use as a guideline.

Week 4:

this week has involved much more work as this was the week I started my research for my game that will be essential through the entire project as every choice and design will revolve around the research as such this is the week I have to put the most effort into this aspect.

because of the survey, I created and my fellow student’s responses to the survey I have a greater understanding of what people want my game to be so I can alter my game around them results to get as many people I can interest in the game increasing sales. however a problem with having other students fill it out they are all around the same age so their answers will all be similar than if teens and parents were to do my survey. another problem with my classmates filling out the survey there isn’t a great number of us leaving the responses a bit lacking which is why if I was to repeat the project again I would open the survey to more people and different age groups to get a better understanding.

week 5:

This weekly review I showed my tutor that I was had begun my concept art with a Spartan warrior I was planning on using as the main playable character that I had created early and the landscape of the temple of Zeus that I used to show off what my world would look like that is currently in progress. I also informed him that I was going to start my in-game assets using my concept art as guidelines once I had finished the concept art for my main playable character, environment, and monsters. my tutor suggested that I carry on refining and completing the designs and asset creation while I start to look into designing the code and mechanics for the game so I don’t fall behind with the game and get stuck trying to complete everything at the last minute causing me to become overwhelmed.

Week 6:

This week was the week that I had begun designing my game starting with the artwork while looking at the code and figuring out what I need to do with it as was suggested to me by my tutor during our last Tutor review which can be seen above. I prepared some concept art of the main character and what the buildings would look like on paper and then transferred it to Photoshop so I could use it as a template while drawing around the outline so it could be used as in the game as assets. however, it took me longer than I had anticipated to what my character would look like as such I only have this week coming up to complete my artwork or ill be behind schedule that I had created when I had first started this project. although what I had previously mentioned is a concern I believe that I will be able to complete the art as its mainly just background stuff and a few more buildings to design which shouldn’t take me that long with a combination of college and personal time creating artwork I should be able to complete it within the time frame

Week 7:

I continued the work I had started last week again this week  to try to complete my artwork so I can move onto other aspects of my project however, I still have a few more artworks to complete so I’ll continue to do that in my free time so I am able to complete the project while not ignoring other aspects of the project that is just as important. this upcoming week I’ll be doing more work on my scripts for the game while at college and do artwork during my free time. I have been doing some research on the scripts I could possibly use on the game so I am not going straight into next week without a clue of any codes I could use for my game. even though I’ve done the research on the code I still don’t understand it that well so when it comes to the scripting the game it will only be basic scripts which is the reason I’ve decided to focus on the art aspects of the game to make up for my laking coding skills.

week 8:

this is the week that I have to finish my artwork off to make sure that my project will be completed in my time frame.

Week 11:

this is the begging of the final week of the project, I still have a few areas of the game that needs doing like I still need to do the animation for the game and finish a few more assets but apart from them I have done well with the game and following the time plan I created at the beginning of the project. if I carry on working at the level I’m working at now I should finish the project for the due date. I have completed all my research, up to date with all the stuff I’ve done for practical skills so far and as you can see have been evaluating the project at the end of every week so I’m able to see how I’ve tackled challenges as I’ve gone along and how I’ve overcome them.

Week 12:

The final day of the project is here and although I still need to add a few elements to my blog like the final week of reflections and any other missing aspects my main game has been completed, built and handed in for marking. throughout the six weeks, I have done aspects of my game well, like creating surveys so I can get a feel of what others are aspects from the game so I can build it around the feedback I’ve been given. although the best part of the project from my point of view is without a doubt the artwork as I believe that is the best artwork I could have done for the game, i was originally sceptical of the art style as it was a new style for me so I was unsure if id be able to do it. even though I was nervous about using the art style I still choose it over pixel art for the sole reason that I could include more detail into a realistic art style than pixel art so I drew the concept art in that style and was only going to resort to pixel art if I needed too. I made the right decision using a realistic art style other pixel art as I managed to create some of the most detailed assets I’ve ever created. another aspect of the project that I did well with is my time management of the whole project, at the begging of the project I created a time plan for the six weeks so I know what I needed to do that week to ensure that I don’t fall behind on the project. although on some weeks have not been able to complete all the work I had set out and to do it the following weeks this has never been a major problem for me as it didn’t prevent me from completing the other aspects of the game or handing the project in on time, it simply meant that I had to do more work in that week than I intended. Even though this didn’t stop me from handing in on time its something I wouldn’t want to happen again when doing a project so to solve this issue I will create a more detailed time plan to ensure that I know exactly what needs to be done in that week as well as create a more realistic time plan to complete to ensure that I am able to complete it on time and not fall behind.

Not everything was a success however as the code is a bit simplistic and doesn’t leave much room for different gameplay and modes to keep the player interested and want to play multiple times. this is because I’m not as good at the coding as I am at the art and didn’t have enough time to learn the codes necessary for elements like combat, although if I was to redo the project with a longer time frame I could teach myself more difficult codes to add to my game to make it that much more interesting. I could have also included more interesting and various artwork into the game to make it that much more interesting to look at, however, due to time restraints I was unable to do any more artwork than what the in the game currently but for the next project I have decided to do all my codes first so I can get that aspect out of the week and focus mostly on my artwork rather than having to focus on multiple aspects at once, by doing this I hope that it allows me to get more art done as I will be focusing on that rather than having to keep stoping to do the code. The lack of music also makes the game seem baron and boring, by including music I would make the game more interesting to play through and warrant multiple playthroughs.


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