This section of my blog is to show the design of my environment from the rough map designs to the final maps. the images below are my initial rough designs of my map going through different styles and different platforms to draw on.


drawing 2

level design

i was originally going to use the drawing above as my final design for the level but after starting my blockout i realised it would be extremely difficult to finish that design within the time given, as such i designed a new final level that can be seen below that is more achievable for my hand in but is still detailed and original.



after having my class review the current version of my environment and reading there feedback, i have taken the points that i agree with in too consideration while proceeding with the development of my environment.

the main response i got about my level is that its an interesting concept but there aren’t any ways of preventing the player from going out of bounds, this is because i haven’t got to the stage of doing my out of bounds, i have done the garden and main building so i know how big i need my buildings that are being used for the out of bounds.

Asset mood board 

below I have shown the mood board I have created so that when I come to creating my assets for the environment I can look at it for inspiration for each of my assets.

Made with Padlet

Game Assets-

above are the assets that I created within 3DS Max so I could simply export them with the embed media (the texture I add to them while still in 3DS Max) and drag them into unreal where I could alter the size so they fit correctly into my level. most was as simple as adding an editable poly and extruding certain faces to get the required look. the best example was the table as I only had to do was add a square shape into 3ds and change the sizes so that it looks like a real tabletop, once that was done I add more segments onto the shape which allowed for more faces to use to create the table. I selected the four faces at either corner of the table that I needed and extruded them to create the legs. to make the table look more realistic I grabbed the all the lines on the corners of the table and chamfer which give the table them more looking smoother edges as they would never at a perfect 90 degrees angle in real life as they would be too sharp yet again ruining the realistic atmosphere. they weren’t all as easy as that however as some wasn’t simple straight shapes, the best example of these sorts of shapes are the candle and bolder as they needed to look a lot more random in its design. to create that random design I used a cylinder for the candle and a sphere for the bolder, added segments onto and randomly grabbed and pulled different faces to make it look like a rough bolder or a melted candle with uneven wax. the asset that I thought was going to be the easiest was the wall as I thought with a simple case of grabbing enough faces to create a door and do the same to create a window and that would be it. that couldn’t be further from the truth as I had to add segments, remove certain lines, bridge areas together so there weren’t holes in the wall. I managed to get it to look like a wall but even now I’m still unsure on how to fix the door completely, as you can see in the picture of the wall above they’re two random lines on the door that didn’t need to be there and I couldn’t get rid of. I tried deleting the lines but that deleted the whole door but while trying to figure out a way I realized I didn’t have too. I was planning on having the door blocked anyway so I didn’t have to texture all the insides saving time, so I created a wooden board that I can put in front of the door blocking the player from entering as well as hiding the lines for the door solving two problems with one solution.

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