Practice Journal

b This section of my wordpress is dedicated to the making of my level and all the relevant information to do with that aspect of the environment. Below is the Block out for the level which shows the rough look of the level and where all my assets will be going when they’re completed.


the image above is the first part of my level that i have blocked out as that monument is in the centre of my level so it makes sense to do that area first so i can get a scale of how big the rest of my level should be. the image is a block out of a monument that is based off the one opposite the college as see in the pic below. another reason that i choose to create the monument at first because its one of the easiest parts of my blockouts as it only needs 2 cubes and a cone that i added 4 edges on to so it would fit on one of the boxes and create the monument. because i have done the block out for the monument i can simply place my asset over the block out once they are completed at a later state. i will be doing this for all the rest of my blockouts.


Capture 4

Above is the garden area of my environment which is the first area that you can explore when you start the game. i placed lights around the edges of the garden as I am going to place candles in them spots along with the rest of my assets. i am going to hide a key in the garden that will need to be found to proceed on with the level as the puzzle element for my level. to create the garden i used basic geometry like Box that i made thin and long to use as a path and two cylinder for two areas. the reason i need two cylinders for each of the area is i need one to be half the size of the other so i can subtract it allowing for the sides to be raised around the edge as seen below.  Capture 6


To create the main building i hollowed out a tall wide building and put a square hole at the bottom which will be used as a door. i used a subtract cube to get rid of the roof making it look like its been destroyed during the Apocalypse. i made it so the building has 4 floors with desk, chairs and computers thrown all over to create a even more realistic apocalyptic appearance. the door will be locked and to access the building the player will have to locate a key within the previous area which will be my puzzle element making the level more interesting while simultaneously giving the player to look in detail around my level.

Capture 2

Above is the inside of the building that i have previously mentioned. as you can see i have created rows of desks to simulate the look and feel of a real life office. the image is of the bottom floor of the office and I’m going to have it as the further you go up the office the more destroyed it gets. for example the first floor is going to remain relevantly untouched, then the next floors are going to have Monitors and computer thrown all over and so on and so fourth.

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