3D Studio

  • Week 1:

using the 3DS max software I created a simple monster using the tools provided by the software. the following steps is how I created my character;

step 1: create a cylinder to use as a head and body

step 2: create a teapot object but remove every part of it to use as arms. once in place clone and turn 180′ and place in same space opposite side.

step 3: add two lines to us as his legs.

step 4: use a cone as a horn.

step 5: create a sphere and using slice on the shape it so it resembles a mouth and put in place.

step 6: repeating the same step as before create a smaller sphere to use a claw and clone once in place and right shape.

step 7: create a normal sphere just below the horn for the eyeball and a smaller sphere in the middle of that as a pupil.

step 8: colour all of your shapes a colour of your choice.


  • week 2:

the second week we started to look at using modifiers to add more details in our designs, as such the task at the end was to create a moon base as that would use everything we had previously learnt that lesson.

moon base 1

the first step I did was create a plane and then modify it by using an close up image of a meteor to create the bumps making it look more like the face of the moon.

moon base 2

I then added three cylinders and rounded off the edges making look like different sections of the moon base. I went with the silver look so they appeared to be made out of metal.

moon base 3

next I made a cross out of two smaller cylinders and connected it to the other 3 cylinders so it appeared to a hallway that you use to access each of the pods. i also created a wider but slightly smaller cylinder then modified it using the lattice so it appeared to be more futuristic.

moon base 4

all i did next was simply bend a long cuboid and attach it to the pods make it appear as they’re supports to hold the moon base up one I got it in the right position I copied and pasted it multiple times till it all over my moon base.

moon base 5

To finish it off I added a thin cube in and using the material editor I used a black and white photo of a landing pad to make the cube into a landing pad. I then connected it to the spare cylinder and added four smaller cuboids to act as stands.