Asset list-

below is the asset list that I created to use through the development of my game, listing all the assets that I will need to design and create so that I can place them around the level to flesh out my level and make the environment more visually pleasing. the reason for me doing my assets list before I proceed with any more of my environment is so I know exactly what I need to design for my game and start the drawings for the assets to use as a reference for when I start my 3D modelling.

  • dumpster
  • bed
  • store shelves
  • freezers
  • desk
  • cash register
  • sofa
  • kitchen counter
  • trees
  • floating island
  • floating rocks
  • TV
  • bridge
  • bench
  • lamp post
  • lighthouse
  • robot
  • cans
  • bottle
  • table
  • chair
  • cup

Concept Assets-

Now that I have created an asset list and listed all the assets that I will need for my game, I can start to create the concept art for my assets to use as a reference while building them in 3DS Max.

asset list 3

The first concept asset list that I created for my game can be seen above. I followed the asset list that I had created before so that I know that I’m not going to miss out any of the assets that I need for my level. the first six that I did the drawings for was for Dumpster, Bed, Freezer, Store shelves, Desk and a cash register. these assets will mainly be used in the house and the shop for a variety of areas of the building. asset-list-2.jpg

the next asset list that I created included the designs for the Bench, lamppost, lighthouse, Can, Bottle, Table, Chair and Robot assets. these assets will be used all around the level including all the buildings and even the outside of the level.


Level maps-

Now that my asset concept art is done I can move onto designing a map for my level, I will be doing a basic map design to get the main elements into the level than a final level design where I finalise my ideas and incorporate them into my level. the reason that I am doing this is to get an idea of how I want to look and alter before I start building the blockout and struggling a lot more to make any necessary changes at that point. the map below is the basic starter map, it’s not too detailed but it incorporates my main ideas like the three buildings, a park and it being set on a floating island.

basic map - Copy

Now that I have a basic design for my level I can keep aspects that worked and either improved or remove aspects that don’t work.

final map

the image above is for the final design that I had created to show what I want my level to look like and that can be used as a reference when it comes to my block out. as you can see it has elements that I’ve been wanting from my presentation, the most obvious being the fact that it’s on a floating island and that it has a couple of buildings. However, I was originally planning on having the three buildings just simply being stores, but while designing the map layout I decided that it would feel much more like a city if there was a variety to the buildings that’s why I added a house and a restaurant was as well to make the island feel lived in and more realistic. the major difference between my basic original layout and my final design is the inclusion of a river, without it, I feel as the level looks too generic and doesn’t stand out however thanks to the river I’ve had to create a more unique map with different sections being separated by the body of water and being connected by bridges. the architecture is very similar to real life Venice, as such ill be including images of Venice within my research so the marker can see what I was going for as well as using it as inspiration.

3ds max-

now that I have concept arts for all of the assets that I will be using within my level I can start to build the assets within 3DS Max so that I can export them and put them into my unreal level.

I have already created the assets that will be used for my floating city and the floating rocks, but now that I have begun designing my assets again I thought that it be best to go for one of the easiest assets as a way to get back into asset creation. the asset that I decided to create is the lamp post as that’s quite simple to do and they stand out as well.

lamp post

The lamp post simply started as a cylinder where I extruded and shrunk the ring to create that curved look before extruding it again to create that long neck, once it was the correct size I needed to add more lines at the top of it so I can extrude it out to create the lightbox where I can add the light into in unreal. To make the lamp post look more realistic and also to have a part to place the light source on the underside of the lightbox I push it in slightly like a lamp post would look in real life.

Now that I’ve done the asset for my lamp post I can carry on creating assets that will be used within my game level. Continuing with doing my simple assets first I decided that a fence will be the next best thing to build.


this asset was a lot simpler to design in 3ds max as there is already an object saved into 3ds max called railing which gives you a shape that you can alter to your preference. the reason that I have decided to use this object rather than building it from scratch is simple, its the same time as its getting close to the end of the project and the time that I have saved on this object can be put to better use in other aspects of the project.

unreal 1

Because I have a final level design I can now start to work on the blockout for my level. the reason that I have a blockout for my level is so that it’ll save me time later on in the project as ill simply have to place my assets over the blocks saving me time and effort.


this is my completed level.







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